5 Amazing Things To Do In King Valley: Top Spots for Hiking, Biking, and More

5 Amazing Things To Do In King Valley: Top Spots for Hiking, Biking, and More

Do you like to enjoy breathtaking scenery, the outdoors, delectable fare, and above all, a particular Italian sparkling wine? The King Valley in Victoria should be on your travel itinerary if you say yes to all of the questions mentioned above. The High Country region, located in Victoria’s northeast, is renowned for its fine wines, gourmet cuisine, breathtaking landscape, unmatched natural beauty, and rich cultural history. Allow at least a few days to appreciate this extraordinarily one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experience, whether your visit is for relaxation, culinary satisfaction, or the thrill of exploration. Let’s discuss some amazing things to do in Kings valley that you must know about them before your vacation.

Go hiking

Paradise Falls is tucked away in the Alpine National Park outside of Cheshunt, hidden deep in the King Valley. Gravel, but in decent condition, makes the final 11 km to the falls driveable by 2WD. There are picnic areas in the parking lot, so bring food with you or get some from the nearby Whitfield and relax in the serene park. The 500m-long, well-built stepping track that leads to the viewing platform is ideal for people of all abilities. The location is paradise, as its name suggests.

Go swimming

In the King Valley, Lake William Hovell is a perennial favourite. The lake is a gorgeous recreation location ideal for BBQs, strolling and hiking, fishing, canoeing, and four-wheel driving sports. It is located around 42 km or 55 minutes via a scenic drive from Mt. Bellevue, height 652.

The lake is home to trout, redfin, and macquarie perch, the latter of which is protected. The size of the lake can be surprising, with trout weighing up to 3 kg and some healthy reddies during the warmer months.

Take a ride

From Wangaratta to Oxley, the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail goes directly to Milawa. When it comes to a wealth of gastronomic riding opportunities, Milawa is a must-stop village on your rail trail excursion and the ideal setting for two-wheeled pleasure.

The settlement of Oxley and the route to the renowned King Valley are located along the rail path that runs between Milawa and Wangaratta. The short, flat 10-kilometre ride from Milawa to Sam Miranda Winery in Oxley is a favourite with tourists and local cyclists alike.

Paddle a kayak

Easy outdoor activities are offered by River Tribe Adventures in the beautiful views of North East Victoria. You can explore the vines, kayak the Ovens and Murray, and go cycling. Self-guided, guided, hire, and packaging choices are all available to make it simple for you to get out and discover the best of the area. From bike rental and transfer services to full packages, Murray to Mountains and High Country Rail Trail services are available. You can have an easy self-guided day trip or camping vacation with kayak adventures on the calm Ovens and Murray Rivers using specially developed routes and tour notes.

Enjoy some wine

The Whitfield accommodation king valley is notable for the creative application of alternative grape varietals by winemakers who long ago discovered the possibilities of the area’s cool climate. For inquisitive winemakers looking to explore and perfect the varieties and wine styles that are the distinguishing features of the region’s wines, the combination of steep slopes, soil types, and microclimates offers a mosaic of vineyard choices.


Melbourne is about a three-hour drive from the King Valley. The best way to get there is via vehicle. Australia’s public transportation system is not well-known, especially outside of the cities. The largest town in the area, Wangaratta, is reachable by train from Melbourne. But how are you going to access Champagne Road and try all the delectable drinks? The ideal option for you would be to rent a car in Melbourne and travel to the Valley.

Travelling up the Northern Highway may get fairly boring after a while. Make sure to give yourself at least a half-hour break as there are several service stations to stop at along the route. Stop, get back up, and keep going. As you can see, the King Valley in Victoria offers a wide variety of activities. There are undoubtedly many good reasons to make a trip to this underappreciated region of the state a top priority.