Process of New build Conveyancing Solicitors – Everything You Need to Know

Process of New build Conveyancing Solicitors – Everything You Need to Know

New construction homes are popular with consumers, whether they are purchasing their first home or upgrading from an existing residence. Although you might anticipate the conveyancing process for new construction to be simple, it differs significantly from that for existing homes and is frequently more difficult. Compared to houses that have been owned in the past, the conveyancing procedure for a new construction property is challenging. To guide you through each step and outline the additional factors, you must employ a knowledgeable attorney.

New build conveyancing is quite different from conveyancing for an older home because of the complexity and level of detail involved. The planning authorization rights and related building laws are among the additional preparations and conveyancing checks needed for new construction. Here in this post, we discuss the process of new build conveyancing solicitors that you must know about them.


How does the new build conveyancing process work?

As there are several processes available in new building conveyancing work. Following are some of these,  

Put the house on hold

You must pay a reservation fee to hold the property before you can submit an offer and begin the transaction. In most cases, this is not refundable but subtracted from the final cost. Usually, a 28-day reservation is made for the property at that point.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that a lot of newly constructed homes will need to be purchased “off-plan.” You will thus be required to commit to the sale before the house is built. You will need to rely on the specs that were given to you and on-show homes as an alternative. If so, before agreeing to the sale, make sure you are entirely satisfied with the design.


Locate a knowledgeable attorney

For new construction, there is a lot of competition, so as a buyer, you should act immediately to select a trustworthy solicitor. The best place to start is by comparing conveyancing quotes as you’ll find that solicitors charge more for new-build properties due to the additional work needed. Find a specialist in new build developments who is familiar with the intricate nature of the duties at hand.

Finding an experienced solicitor is crucial since there will be strong time limits when buying a new build. The more assistance you get, the better because many attorneys think the conveyancing process for new developments is more difficult.


Secure your property

To ascertain the property’s market value, your loan officer will first ask a surveyor to perform a mortgage valuation. If the house is unfinished, the valuation will make by using the given plans and specifications.

It’s critical to keep this in mind when your mortgage offer expires. The majority of mortgage offers expire after six months. You should have enough time to do this by your deadline. You will need to obtain an extension or a new mortgage offer, nevertheless, if the development of the property is delayed past the offer’s expiration date.


Locate a snagging inspector

A snagging list serves a similar purpose to a property survey for a new building. It is more detailed than a mortgage evaluation because it highlights issues with the property’s “finish” and calls for repairs. While it is possible to carry out this investigation on your own, it recommends that you hire a reputable snagging surveyor to do so.

If problems are found, you can present the developer with your snagging list and ask for fixes. The developer will be given a reasonable amount of time to fix the problems, but they are not required to address every item on the list.



These are some essential new build conveyancing solicitor processes that you must know about them. It is sometimes most challenging to get an appropriate solicitor for your requirements. If you are looking for new build conveyancing services in the UK, Online Conveyancing Solicitors are one of the best options. They offer the greatest services to the clients because they are aware of how much the new home means to them.


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