Wood Flooring Maintenance Tips for Perth Homeowners: Keeping Your Floors Beautiful

Wood Flooring Maintenance Tips for Perth Homeowners: Keeping Your Floors Beautiful

Your hardwood floors will experience different issues h each season. Summer adds chlorine and salt water and winter delivers snow, ice, and salt. Similarly, spring brings rain and dirt, fall brings additional dirt and leaves, and winter brings all of these. Wood floors are too beautiful to ignore, despite all the maintenance. According to the experts, this is exactly how your program for maintaining hardwood floors should look. Yes, they do exist, and if you want to preserve your floors for many years to come, you had better pay attention to what they have to say. If you are looking for clean and reliable modern timber flooring in Perth, Art of Timber is one of the best options. Feel free to contact them to get their expert service.


Any Perth property with wood floors will have a sense of warmth and elegance. No matter if you have hardwood, engineered wood, or laminate floors, regular upkeep is necessary to preserve their durability and maintain their aesthetic value. You can protect your investment and sustain the wood flooring’ natural beauty by adhering to a few straightforward measures. Here are some recommendations for maintaining wood floors that are targeted at Perth households.


Periodic Upkeep:


Your wood flooring will remain in excellent shape with regular upkeep. Use a wood-specific cleaner that has been recommended by the manufacturer depending on the sort of wood flooring you have. Since they can harm the finish of your flooring, stay away from using a lot of water or strong cleaning agents. To get rid of filth and grime, use a damp cloth or mop together with a gentle wood cleaner. For cleaning and maintenance, always adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions.


Avoid Scratches:


Preventative precautions are crucial since wood floors are prone to damage. Put protective felt pads on furniture legs to prevent dings when moving them. Your wood flooring may become scratched if you wear high heels or shoes with hard soles. The surface of your wood floors can also secure by placing rugs or runners in areas with significant traffic.




Your wood floors must be cleaned frequently to keep their beauty. To prevent dirt, dust, and other particles from scratching your floors, clean or vacuum them every day. Use a soft-bristle broom or a vacuum with a hardwood floor attachment to avoid any harm. To appropriately remove tiny dust without damaging surfaces, think about using a microfiber dust mop.


Maintain Moderate Moisture:


Water and wood do not mix nicely. Your wood floors may cup, warp, or even develop mold as a result of excessive moisture. It is crucial to avoid adding too much moisture given the extremely moist atmosphere in Perth. In areas prone to moisture, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways, immediately wipe up spills with a dry towel, and make sure your flooring is sufficiently protected there. Put moisture-absorbing mats at the doorways to stop moisture and dirt from getting on your wood flooring.


Maintenance by a Professional:


The benefits of having your wood floors professionally maintained at least once a year outweigh the benefits of routine cleaning and maintenance. Professional cleaners are equipped with the skills and equipment necessary to thoroughly clean your floors, get rid of tough stains, and apply finishing touches. Additionally, they can look for any indications of wear or damage and offer suitable fixes.


Solar Protection:


Over time, wood floors can fade and lose their sheen when exposed to direct sunlight. Reduce the quantity of sunshine entering your home by using blinds, curtains, or UV-filtering window films to protect your floors from UV deterioration. To avoid uneven fading and keep your wood floors looking uniform, you may also think about moving your furniture around sometimes.


Final Words


Residents may take advantage of the aesthetic appeal and toughness of their wood floors in Perth for many years to come by following these care suggestions. Be proactive in maintaining your investment by creating excellent habits and keeping in mind that prevention is crucial when it comes to caring for wood floors. Your wood floors will continue to raise the visual appeal and market value of your house with regular upkeep, resulting in a warm and enduring ambience.


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